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One rainy day in August 2019, Teacher Suzette was at home, missing her students as classes had been called off due to inclement weather. Being a music-and-movement US-licensed Maestro educator for 20 years, Teacher Suzette was not used to inactivity. Out of boredom, she began whipping up gluten-free, organic, artisanal cinnamon rolls for the families enrolled in her classes, recalling an old recipe that she learned during her university days in Vancouver where the famous UBC cinnamon rolls were all the rage.

Fast forward to March 2020, when the great covid pandemic hit… Teacher Suzette had to close her baby/toddler/preschool as per health protocols. Lo and behold, families began ordering her organic cinnamon rolls by the tray (each tray consists of 24 pieces) and her then-teenage sons were helping her perfect the recipe. Thanks to ingenuity and hard work, Suzette’s Gluten-Free Artisanal Pastries became a thriving online business, catering to diabetics, seniors, vegetarians and the health-conscious. It was an unforeseen stroke of luck, too, that Teacher Suzette registered her bakery just a few months before covid struck; she also had her logo created by the award-winning artist Lech Velasco and feng shui expert Tony Suvega.

With much passion for excellence, Teacher Suzette treats her business as an advocacy—she wants to let Pinoys realize that being healthy doesn’t mean that food has to be boring. Each roll is artisanal, “from the hands of a working mother to her countrymen with love”. No machines, mixers, preservatives, or additives are used as Teacher Suzette believes in employing only high-quality, natural ingredients. Creating food with a low glycemic index is very important for Teacher Suzette. Using the traditional method of creating dough is also necessary, “in order to pass on positive vibes to each client”. Being a child advocate, Teacher Suzette is involved in several feeding programs throughout the year for various charities. Proceeds of her business go to Metro Manila hospitals as well; each purchase of her rolls contributes to the well-being of local farmers, too.

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Suzette’s Gluten-Free Artisanal Pastries has been featured in the Philippine Star, Business Mirror and several TV programs. The bakery has been cited for several accolades as well, namely: Q-Asia for Brand Excellence, Elite Awards for New Businesses, the Asian Sterling Awards and Brand-Asia Awards.

Awards and Recognition

Asian Sterling Awards – Most Outstanding Artisan Pastry Specialty Maker (Metro Manila Awards)

April 2023

10th Elite Business & Leadership Awards – Recipient

April 2023

Brand Asia Awards – Top Quality Brand

May 2022

Q Asia Magazine – Best Artisan Pastry Rolls Variety Flavors

July 2022

9th Elite Business & Leadership Awards – Recipient

July 2022


Suzette has successfully completed the Diploma in Applied Nutrition in British Columbia as part of her dream of making more organic food for Filipinos. She believes in constant learning and growth, no matter how old one is.