Suzette's Gluten-Free Artisanal Pastries

  • Award-winning bakery
  • Certified Canadian Nutritionist (CHN)
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Low-Glycemic Index
  • Featured in Philippine Star, Business Mirror

Each roll is artisanal, “from the hands of a working mother to her countrymen with love”.

No machines, mixers, preservatives or additives are used as we believe in employing only high-quality, healthy, natural ingredients.

Dear friends, please be advised that the bakery will be closed until further notice. Thank you, Suzette.

Our Bakery

Our artisanal items are available in two variants: vegan (almond milk, vegan butter) and vegetarian (using cow’s milk and regular butter). All our products are hand-crafted with ingredients locally sourced and without sugar. Monk Fruit is used as a natural sweetener that has zero calories, zero carbs, vegan and does not raise blood sugar levels. No chemicals, no processed ingredients and no assembly lines.

Mission & Vision

  1. To let Filipinos realize that healthy-eating does not have to mean boring. Extra virgin coconut oil, vegan coconut butter, Monk fruit, gluten-free flour, gourmet sea salt, pure Mt. Banahaw honey, Davao dark chocolate, Philippine ube, Saigon Cinnamon – all delicious yet oh-so-good for you! Everything is freshly handmade from scratch.
  2. Supporting local farmers: 99% of ingredients are sourced from various regions within the Philippines.
  3. Supporting frontliners: 20% of proceeds go to hospitals within NCR.

From the hands of a working mother to our countrymen with love.


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