Regular Vegetarian Pizza Rolls

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Full of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers, onions, cheese, this is a favorite amongst moms-on-the-go who are wanting to feed their children more veggie options!

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4 reviews for Regular Vegetarian Pizza Rolls

  1. Sharyna Tan

    Tried the chocolate and pizza flavors, really loved them both! Never knew vegan + GF can taste this good 😋 Thank you so much, Ms. Suzette! 🤍

  2. Abby Ochoa-Mariano

    I only ordered half tray because there’s just me and my husband at home to eat them but I can finish the entire tray pala 😅 Will order the full tray next. Thank you for making them. Going gluten-free is much fun now!

  3. Michelle

    I love this vegetarian pizza roll, it’s tasty in every bite. The roll is soft with bits of bell peppers, onions etc. This is my favorite midnight snack. If you love pizza and want a healthier alternative, try this vegetarian pizza roll, super yum~

  4. Andrew

    The vegan vegetarian rolls were surprisingly delicious. The coconut butter was evident with a finely tuned balance of ingredients offering a moist texture with a lingering savoury finish. You can easily be persuaded to take another one from the tray. And another one!

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