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Mouthwatering Saigon cinnamon rolls with gourmet sea-salt and caramel.

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8 reviews for All Original

  1. Claire Agustin

    The best rolls I have ever tasted! Soft and chewy. Best with brewed coffee or tea. Melts in your mouth 🙂 Soooo irresistible!!!!
    Claire A.

  2. Michael Korns

    Suzette sent us some fantastic cinnamon rolls. They were so good we ordered more. Also Suzette sent us extra delicious caramel sauce upon request. Suzette really knows how to take care of her customers. ❤️

  3. Kate

    This is my ultimate favorite. If you want to impress friends, bosses and in-laws.

    I can easily finish a dozen in one sitting.

  4. Dra Tanya

    We have 4 boys, one who is celiacs. Often he misses out on “treats”- but no longer- I keep these cinnamon rolls on hand- but they are so loved by ALL of the family, we have to buy EXTRA! They are the BEST gluten free cinnamon rolls I have ever had- you would never know they were gluten free of low sugar! Delectable treat for the whole family!

  5. Abby

    Everything is delicious, but this is my favorite!!! I have been her client for so many years, the quality and taste never changed! 💞

  6. Gilda

    I’m A big fan of Suzette’s Artisinal gluten free diabetic cinnamon rolls. I’ve ordered them 4 times this year. What a treat for diabetics or those who want to prevent diabetes. I’m now sold on artisanal products and now sold on monk fruit as a better sweetener for all things I want to sweeten. Thank you Suzette for making life sweet for us.

  7. Gerardo

    I recently had the pleasure of trying a gluten-free artisanal bread from a local bakery, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As someone with a gluten intolerance, finding a bread that captures the essence of traditional artisanal loaves while being gluten-free is often a challenge. However, Suzette’s Cinnamon rolls did not disappoint.

  8. Dr. Jaizen

    I want to thank Suzette and her team. They have been amazing every time we placed our orders. I absolutely love all the flavors. It’s healthy and delicious!

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